Conflict Diamonds, also called blood diamonds, are diamonds mined in active war zones and sold to finance insurgencies, an army’s war efforts, or activities of a warlord. Conflict diamonds are mined particularly in Africa, from where about two-thirds of the world’s diamonds are extracted. Inhumane methods are used to extract diamonds from these conflict-torn regions. Eliminating this serious human rights crisis is a top priority for the United States government, the United Nations (UN), and the global diamond industry.


The United States is the largest consumer of diamonds. The United States enacted the Clean Diamond Trade Act (CDTA) in 2003, which installed the legislation to implement the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS).The CDTA states: “As the consumer of a majority of the world’s supply of diamonds, the United States has an obligation to help sever the link between diamonds and conflict and press for implementation of an effective solution.”

The Kimberley Process is a system to ensure every rough diamond crossing the border is certified conflict free by a strict system of documents and serial numbers. This process to police trade lines and aide in banning the sale of conflict diamonds has helped make more than 99% of all diamonds traded in the industry conflict-free.

The United States Department of State also maintains an office for a Special Adviser for Conflict Diamonds.


North American Diamond Brokers (NADB) adheres to a strict, zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. We only deal with highly reputable diamond suppliers who follow the guidelines of the Kimberley Process. You can be assured that what you purchase from NADB has been obtained strictly through legitimate sources. Each diamond that we deal in is verified to be mined and processed in a socially conscious and responsible manner.