60-Day Return Guarantee

It doesn’t get easier than this. For any round brilliant diamond over 1.00ct, we offer a 60-day return policy*. We only require that the loose diamond is not damaged and the original purchase price must be under $10,000.

For all other loose diamond purchases we offer a 30-day return as long as it is not damaged.  Our return policy begins upon receipt of original payment and/or date that the loose diamond was shipped to the client – whichever comes first.  We must have time to overnight the loose diamond to the seller within the return period; therefore we need the diamond in our office 2 days prior to the expiration of the return policy.

* Some dealers may have shorter return periods.  In these cases we will let you know prior to procuring the diamond.


NADB gladly pays to ship your loose diamond to you but, if you wish to return it, your only obligation is to pay for the shipping, handling and insurance. You will need to make sure you include the GIA or AGS diamond report when returning the loose diamond.  The loose diamond must be in its original condition and will be subject to inspection by North American Diamond Brokers.  If we owe you a refund we will send it to you as soon as the loose diamond arrives and the inspection has been done to ensure the diamond is the same diamond you purchased and is still in new condition.  This usually takes 48 hours.


Follow the easy steps below to return your loose diamond:

  1.  Call us with your intent to return. You will be asked to indicate whether you would like a refund or an exchange for your returned item.
  2. Package your return. We will provide you with shipping instructions and a Fed-Ex shipping label. NADB would appreciate if you include the reason for return and any comments regarding the return.
  3. The return shipping covers the cost of shipping, handling and insurance.

If you have any questions about our loose diamond return policy or procedure, please contact us at 866-994-6262.