Why Choose NADB As Your Diamond Broker?

designer-split-prongDiamonds are known to be nature’s hardest material and ancient cultures believed they were tears of the gods or tiny splinters of fallen stars. They also believed diamonds had mystical powers. It’s no wonder that today, diamonds symbolize love and eternity.

We’ve created North American Diamond Brokers as a unique place where everyone has the chance to find the appropriate wholesale loose diamonds online. We’ve gathered the best GIA Graduate Gemologists and the brightest brokers to help you find, sell or buy the right loose diamond online.

Our expertise is at your service and we invite you to experience a long-lasting and trustful business relationship with North American Diamond Brokers, our wholesale loose diamond store and our GIA certified gemologists services.


So you’ve decided to buy a wholesale loose diamond at our store online but you want to save the time and effort spent visiting stores and comparing prices? NADB has the perfect solution! From the comfort of your home or office you can browse through the thousands of  wholesale loose diamonds online via our website. Once you have found the perfect loose diamond it can be shipped out for your approval. Most often shipment arrives within 1 business day. This feature is only for loose diamonds 1.00ct or larger.

NADB’s objective is to help our client’s find the perfect loose diamond, at the best price. We offer our client’s the ability to see the wholesale loose diamond online and then in person prior to purchasing. Our hope is that this courtesy gives our clients peace of mind about making an online purchase.  How does NADB do this? Before accepting any payment, we send your selected wholesale loose diamond directly to a jeweler or GIA certified gemologist in a location near you, so you can view it and confirm it is the loose diamond you were hoping for.


It’s said that diamonds are forever, but let’s face it, trends and styles change, and so do your tastes in jewelry. You may have bought a timeless piece of jewelry, but this doesn’t mean you have to wear it for the rest of your life. So if in two, five, twenty years or longer, you decide you would like to buy another piece that suits you better, just bring the old loose diamond in our store and we will offer you a trade-in. A LIFETIME trade is our commitment to our clients.


It doesn’t get easier than this. For any non fancy-shaped loose diamond over 1.00ct, we offer a full refund if returned within 60 days, however, we do not cover the cost of shipping. We only require that the loose diamond is not damaged upon return, and the original purchase price must be under $10,000.

We understand you better than you think, and that’s why we have designed our 60 day returns policy for loose diamonds that our customers love.


Our clients have an advantage. At the North American Brokers diamond store, our gemologists will work hard for our clients so they can be assured that their loose diamond was purchased as close to wholesale as possible. If you see either the same wholesale loose diamond online or another similar loose diamond priced for less on another website we will ask the dealer owning the loose diamond of interest to match the price you saw elsewhere.

All competing websites aside, after you have chosen a loose diamond, this is when our brokers start their mission. They will engage in negotiating the lowest possible price on your behalf. So if you’re looking for the best price, you know where to find it.


Finding the perfect wholesale loose diamond is one thing, but finding the perfect ring is another thing altogether. If you’re not sure what kind of setting your partner would like, we will set your loose diamond in a simple and beautiful solitaire ring for your proposal. Once you are engaged, you can spend up to one year searching for the perfect setting for your loose diamond and return your solitaire ring, putting its full value toward the cost of the ring that you select together.


You want a loose diamond, but you know nothing about them and you’re afraid of all the bad deals out there? Don’t worry because NADB has the best GIA certified gemologists and we’re at your service with helpful advice and useful tips about loose diamonds. While our wholesale loose diamond store brokers work as agents to help you find the perfect diamond from various markets like individual sales, online auctions and wholesalers, our customers can also choose from any other online diamond retailer. Whether you find a loose diamond using the NADB diamond search or from any online retailer, one thing is for sure: our GIA certified gemologists will help you day and night to select the best loose diamond in its category.


Once you’ve found the loose diamond of choice, we understand you can’t wait to have it and you would pay anything to have it delivered as soon as possible at your door. We know how you feel and we want to enhance that wonderful feeling of having a diamond by offering FREE FedEx® Overnight Shipping on all shipments within the United States. This is really an offer you can’t refuse!


The NADB diamond search engine includes pre-selected loose diamonds with characteristics graded as very good, excellent or ideal. As a wholesale diamond online buyer or seller, your first priority should be to find a trustworthy broker. Our brokers are experts who buy and sell loose diamonds daily. By choosing a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business like NADB, you can feel confident about your valuable wholesale loose diamond purchase. We regularly deal in high quality loose diamonds and are experts at grading and evaluating them. When you buy through us, you can be assured that the loose diamond you are buying is accurately graded. All our loose diamonds are accompanied by their Diamond Grading Reports. These certificates are issued by the most reputable gem laboratory in the world, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).


As part of our wholesale loose diamond online broker-for-life commitment, NADB encourages you to trade in your loose diamond with us when you want to upgrade. Even if you are only looking to sell your loose diamond, rest assured we are your best source.  NADB will support you by offering the best price on the market for your loose diamond.

Let’s start building this partnership today! Give us a call at (866) 994-6262 to see how we can get you the best deal on your next online wholesale loose diamond purchase. Our  GIA certified gemologists are standing by to assist you with your loose diamond purchase online!